First Age:

The world was inhabited by dwarves, elves, trents, men, dragons and many more fantastic races.  This Age lasted four thousand years and was ended when the Centennials departed the world.

Second Age:

The Second Age lasted two thousand years. It was separated into two halves. The first thousand years consisted of wars between Elves, Dwarves, Treents and Men, until the Nether War broke out for the second thousand years. This galvanized the Realm and had all the races of Vasten working together, until the Battle of Talatol. The Second Age ended with the conclusion of the Nether War. The Realm of Vasten was left in utter shambles, taking generations to start the rebuilding process.

Third Age:

It has been four hundred years since the end of the Nether War, and only a few years since the Second Nether War, otherwise known as the Nether Invasion broke out.

The most is known of this current period as scholars from the Harriken School have been collecting records in the Grand Library.